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  • Mark Groff, BS, DC
    Mark Groff BS, DC

    Dr. Groff graduated from Palmer Chiropractic University, the oldest and most renowned chiropractic college in the world,in Davenport, Iowa in 1996. Dr. Groff holds a Bachelor of Science from Palmer University along with his Dr. of Chiropractic degree. He has been practicing in Tennessee since 1996. Dr. Groff has over 20years of experience treating thousands of patients and has performed over 250,000 spinal treatments alone! In addition to the spine, Dr. Groff regularly adjusts his patients' wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Dr. Groff believes that if the spine is to function properly the whole body must be aligned. His adjustment methods include: Gonsted, Diversified, Thompson Drop, and Activator.

    As a proud member of the Tennessee Chiropractic Association since 1996, Dr. Groff has been serving Sumner County specifically since May 1998.

    Dr. Groff is married and has four children. He loves his family and loves participating in his church medical missions group. He enjoys outdoor activities like running, bike riding, and boating with his family.

  • Dr A
    Jennie Alexander DC

    Dr. Alexander was born and raised in the Gallatin area. She attended Tennessee Technological University graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor’s in Science majoring in Agriculture. She returned home to work with her family in the family business, Alexander, and Family Heritage Funeral Home. After being in the business for 5 years, she realized she was on the wrong end of the spectrum. Instead of trying to help families with the loss of their loved ones she wanted to help families have more memories together. Loving anatomy and physiology and wanting to help people, she remembered working her first job at Gallatin Chiropractic. Reflecting on how much Dr. Groff’s patients and family loved him and the office, she took a leap of faith and applied to Chiropractic College. Being the 5th generation of Alexander’s to work in the funeral home, it was a hard decision to leave but she felt it was right.  She attended Life University where she graduated Cum Laude in June 2018. She worked in Alabama for a year before returning to where it all started, at Gallatin Chiropractic Clinic. 

    During her schooling at Life University, Dr. Alexander took several mission trips which included Africa and Mexico City. She was selected as a University representative to attend The Rubicon, a worldwide chiropractic school conference in Switzerland. She lead the campus MLS club for 2 years and served on Student council for 2 years. She was honored in receiving the Light of Life award for having double the required adjustments and outstanding preforming in her clinicals.  To merge her love of animals and chiropractic she achieved her certification in Animal Chiropractic thru Parker University. This has come in handy as she has a dachshund named Gordon who has lost the use of his back legs and is now adjusted regularly.

    During her time outside of the office Dr. Alexander enjoys working out and eating good food. She attends Long Hollow Baptist Church. She loves to travel, and enjoys crocheting blankets and stuffed animals.

    Chiropractic is dear to her heart as are her patients, and she is extremely excited to be back serving in her home community. 


  • Dr. Turner
    Anthony Turner DC

    Dr. Turner was born and raised in La Vergne, Tennessee. He received his Bachelor of Science
    in Health and Human Performance from the University of Tennessee - Martin in 2014. After
    receiving his Bachelor’s degree he continued his education at Logan Chiropractic College in St.
    Louis, Missouri where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 2019.

    Dr. Turner practiced in West Tennessee, following his graduation from Logan, for one year
    before returning home to Middle Tennessee. He is very excited to be serving the great people
    of Sumner County and surrounding area.

    Dr. Turner was first introduced to chiropractic in his college years, following multiple injuries from
    10 years of football. He is very passionate about sports chiropractic which includes injury
    prevention and getting athletes back to the sports they love as soon as possible. When he is
    out of the office he enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking and spending time with his family and

    Dr. Turner’s adjusting techniques include: Diversified, Thompson Drop, Diversified, Activator
    and Logan Basic Technique.

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