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To Our Patients:

I have been blessed with the ownership of Gallatin Chiropractic Clinic since taking over the practice at the end of 2021. As we look towards this next chapter that is 2024, I have some exciting changes to share with all of our patients.

GCC has been at the same location for over 20 years, inside a beautiful plantation style home located along Nashville Pike. But as our town and surrounding area continues to grow and develop, we too must follow suit.

Early next year, we’ll be moving to a brand new, larger space located just two miles away from where we currently are. We’ve included a map to show how close the new spot is, along with a photo of our building we hope to be finished by early March.

We understand change can be hard and our goal is to make the transition as easy a possible for our business and our patients.

More information will be available as our new building gets closer to move-in ready over the next few months.

Please call the office with any questions.

Grateful to be your chiropractor, 

Dr. Anthony Turner, D.C.

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