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Meet Randa

Meet Randa!

I Believe That Health Is A State Of A Complete Harmony Of The Body, Mind And Spirit. Massage Helps Create A Healthier Body, A Peaceful Mind And A Joyful Spirit.”


RANDA ZEIDAN LMT, CPMT TN (License #11138)

Randa graduated 2015 from the accredited school, Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapy.

Certified Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner

Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT) providing massage therapy for children with special health care needs, who have varied physical, developmental, and mental challenges. Certified from Liddle Kidz Foundation (LKF), Tina Allen founder of the organization and an internationally respected educator. 

Massage Services & Rates

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    This popular massage is similar to a Swedish Massage but with deeper pressure to help with chronic muscle pain and tension. Most attention is focused on the deeper layers of tendons, fascia, and muscle tissue.

    30 minutes = $45

    60 minutes = $80

    90 minutes = $110

  • Sports Therapy Massage

    This massage is designed to help athletes (of all levels) before, during and after training. It can increase flexibility, prevent injuries and help with healing after an injury. It focuses on specific joints, muscle groups, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissue groups.

    30 minutes = $55

    60 minutes = $90

    90 minutes = $120

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    This light massage encourages lymph flow in the body. The lymph system carries away excess water, cellular waste, bacteria, viruses and toxins. The result is reduced swelling, reduced fatigue and detoxification.

    30 minutes = $55

    60 minutes = $90

    90 minutes = $120

  • Thai Foot Massage

    This massage works like Reflexology. Pressure is applied on specific reflex points on the feet to stimulate the internal organs, activating the body’s natural healing mechanism. It improves the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid; boosts the immune system; and as well as stimulating the elimination of toxins.

    30 minutes = $55

    30 minutes + 30 minute massage = $100

    30 minutes + 60 minute massage = $135

  • Swedish Massage

    This relaxing massage combines various hands-on techniques including gliding, kneading, and friction to break up muscle knots. Light to medium pressure. Good for stress-related conditions and pain.

    30 minutes = $40

    60 minutes = $65

    90 minutes = $95

  • Prenatal Massage

    This massage for moms-to-be is customized to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. It can ease some of the aches and pains of pregnancy and help with relaxation. It may also reduce swelling and improve mood.

    30 minutes = $55 

    60 minutes = $90 

    90 minutes = $120 

  • Luminescence Facelifting Massage

    A combination of massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, and acupressure to help regenerate collagen and elastin tissue. It helps to tighten, tone and firm skin while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. It includes a hot towel treatment for relaxation and a banana leaf mask for glowing skin.

    50 minutes = $85  

    90 minutes = $135

    (including 40 minutes Therapeutic Massage)

    120 minutes = $195

    (including 70 minutes Therapeutic Massage)

  • Myofascial Cupping Therapy

    Modern cupping therapy can help release scar tissue and fascial adhesions, manage trigger points, improve circulation, relieve pain and promote mobility. The negative pressure helps to decompress the area by lifting the skin and the layer of tissue underneath the skin up into the cup. This creates space for the underlying tight muscle to lay down and relax. Cupping also helps bring blood flow to the area in need.

    30 minutes- $55 

    60 minutes- $100 

    90 minutes- $155

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